The 411
Other names N/A
Inventor Christian Williams
Type of food Breakfast
Where to buy Unknown
Basic ingredients bacon, scrambled eggs, hash browns, cheese, country gravy, biscuit

The Bacone made its debut at Bacon Camp 2009, held in San Francisco, CA. It consists of bacon shaped into a cone, filled with scrambled eggs, hash browns, and cheese with a layer of country gravy and topped with a biscuit. It also appeared as a special segment on Food Network for their show What Would Brian Boitano Make?. The Bacone was invented by Christian Williams of Wikia and Melissa Tillman, and the segment with Christian showing Brian Boitano how to make a Bacone was filmed at Wikia co-founder Jimmy Wales' apartment in San Francisco.

Although being criticized for being a gluttonous food, the Bacone actually contains just under 500 calories!

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