The 411
Other names Doissant
Inventor Dominique Ansel
Type of food Breakfast, Dessert, Munchies
Where to buy Dominque Ansel Bakery
Basic ingredients Flour, etc.

Origin Edit

The Cronut™ is a pastry invented by Chef Dominique Ansel and trademarked by his New York City bakery. In December 2013, Time magazine named the cronut as one of the "25 Best Inventions" of 2013.

Description Edit

Half croissant, half donut, all delicious. The original Cronut™ is made with a laminated dough that is fried in grapeseed oil and then sugared, filled, and glazed.

A dossant or doissant (untrademarked) can also be made by frying croissant dough.

Where to find it Edit

Original Cronut™:

Dominque Ansel Bakery (New York)

United States:

Paris Baguette (multiple locations)

Fillmore Bakeshop (San Francisco)

Glazed and Infused (Chicago)

Square Dossants: Donut Bar (San Diego)

DK's Donuts (Santa Monica)

The Cake Hag (Atlanta)


MoVida Bakery (Australia)

The Cake Shop (UK)

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery (Philippines)

Da Paolo Gastronomia (Singapore)

How to make it Edit

How to make Cronuts

How to make Cronuts