Macaroni and Cheese Pizza
Specialty pizza mac - cheese m
The 411
Other names Unknown
Inventor Unknown
Type of food Entree, Pizza
Where to buy Unknown
Basic ingredients pizza dough, cheese, macaroni pasta
Combine two of America's most favorite foods, Pizza and Mac n' Cheese and you've got yourself a Macaroni Pizza! Although this food has almost no nutritional value, it continues to be a kid favorite.

Macaroni and Cheese Pizza is an item that is often found on American food restaurant menus and packaged good companies such as Annie's Homegrown have come up with their own version of it as well.

Annie's Mac & Cheese Pizza01:53

Annie's Mac & Cheese Pizza

How to make itEdit

It's not hard to figure out how to make this American classic. Just make some mac n' cheese and throw it on some pizza dough. Put some more mozzarella cheese on it and throw it in the oven.



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