2014 ramenrrito123.0
The 411
Other names Unknown
Inventor Press Tea
Type of food Lunch, Dinner, Ramen, Burrito
Where to buy Press Tea, New York City
Basic ingredients ramen, tortillas, meat, cheese, egg, beans, sriracha sauce, greens, corn

Origin Edit

The Ramenrrito was created by Prestea, a tea shop in New York.

Description Edit

The Ramenrrito uses ramen instead of the traditional rice in a burrito.

Basic Ingredients:

  • tortilla
  • choice of meat
  • ramen noodles
  • spices
  • sauces (such as sriracha, ranch etc)
  • cheese
  • greens
  • beans

Where to find it Edit

Prestea in New York's West Village.

167 7th Ave. S, New York, NY 10014(646) 678-3909

How to make it Edit

Or watch the video for more details:

How to Make a Ramenritto Ramen + Burrito Hybrid! Eat the Trend03:36

How to Make a Ramenritto Ramen + Burrito Hybrid! Eat the Trend

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